Golf superstar Tiger Woods played professional golf for the first time since being exposed in the public for his acts of adultery.

With a chance of gaining his fourth career Masters green jacket, Woods dazzled fans by playing as if he hasn’t had to deal with everything but golf during the past four months.

The No. 1 ranked golfer in the world made some impressive puts, including a few long birdies and a rare eagle hole-in-one. He was able to stay competitive throughout most of the Masters event at Augusta National in Georgia, holding onto a third-place tie throughout the first three rounds.

Unfortunately for Woods, the puts stopped falling in, and his frustration was captured by every camera watching, causing critics to claim that he hasn’t changed much from his often childish, temper-tantrum-like behavior.

“I think people are making way too much of a big deal of this thing,” Woods told reporters of his visible frustrations on the course. “I’m not going to be smiling, not going to be happy.”

Woods eventually finished tied for fourth place, while longtime rival Phil Mickelson went on to win his third Masters green jacket.