High School to College

Using Quarantine Time To Effectively Prepare

Attention all Media Outlets: On May 5 at 6:00 pm Eastern Time, author and speaker Duncan Kirkwood will be doing a FREE virtual motivational talk for high school seniors via Zoom. There are only 500 spots available and there will between 30 – 40 schools represented across 8 different states.

Many parents and educators have recognized that a large number of high school seniors are mentally checked out of school. Essentially students are having senioritis times 10 since they are at home.

The intention of this motivational talk is to push students to take this extra time to prepare for college. Things like applying for outside scholarships, applying for other colleges if they weren’t accepted to their first choice, looking up what courses they will take their first year, and looking up the books or professors. Also, students can start to learn about their careers they are looking to get into, they can learn new skills, start businesses etc. Students have a lot of time right now and it should be being put to good use.

Please have students and parents RSVP here: www.DuncanKirkwood.com/eventbrite

Duncan Kirkwood is a Veteran, an author and an education advocate. He is a dynamic speaker that has motivated thousands of young people across the country by speaking on topics that range from youth advocacy to finding your purpose. You can find more info at www.DuncanKirkwood.com

For the Youth,

Duncan Kirkwood