The incident between Ray Rice and his now-wife on an Atlantic City casino elevator has gotten more press than the crucifixion of Christ. I am sure that after listening to the reporting some of you are scratching your heads over the confusion. The one constant is the video. All of the stories and denials can’t get past the fact that the story has been told in real time for all to see.

Roger Goodell stood in front of the press with a lot of rhetoric, basically trying to save his job. There is so much hypocrisy going around, you don’t know what to believe.  Get past the Ray Rice incident and listen to the rest of the issues smearing the sports scene.  Let’s start with the NFL hiring an ex-FBI agent to handle investigations of improprieties infecting the league.  This is stupid.  They would have to hire the whole Bureau, and would still fall short on manpower.  But, this sounded good if you weren’t listening closely.

The difference in the Ray Rice issue is he is a celebrity and it was caught on film.  For those of you who covered your eyes and gasped, “Oh my God!,” give me a break.  There is a small chance that 10 percent of my readers don’t know anyone involved in a spousal abuse issue.  And, the man isn’t always the culprit. Don’t mistake my few words on this subject as support for Rice; I just want to open a few eyes.

With Rice in the spotlight, little attention is being paid to the fact that the cop who beat the UMD student was acquitted.  This issue was on film and anybody watching could plainly see the cop seemed to be enjoying his job.

How about Miss America running a campaign against abuse.  As it turns out, she was kicked out of her sorority allegedly for excessive abuse while hazing pledgees.

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart has been under scrutiny after running down fellow driver Kevin Ward.  Stewart and Ward were involved in a crash, which Stewart drove away from.  Ward let his anger lead him out on the track to confront Stewart, who was advancing in a speeding car.  Stewart struck and killed Ward. After an investigation, it was discovered that Ward was jacked up on marijuana.  No charges for Stewart.

Recently I attended a funeral for a member of my wife’s family.  It was an out-of-town function and turned out to be quite a gathering.  Eventually all of the guys peeled off and a “Sport’s Forum” broke out.  The subject eventually turned to the suspension of Adrian Peterson for spanking his son with a switch.  Since 80 percent of the guys in the room were raised in rural America, a switch was a part of their parents’ daily routine.  My Pop’s weapon of choice was a belt, and Mom opted for a hairbrush.  The question in the room was, “What the problem is?

On a pleasant note, Devin Hester broke the NFL record for touchdown returns, formerly held by Deion Sanders. Hester now has 20, while Sanders has 19.  These two guys were so happy you may have been confused if you tuned in late and saw them hugging each other.

Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter retired after 20 years of stellar performances. No drugs; no fights off the field; and most of all, no behavior that could be smeared across every tabloid in the country. The Captain went out in style. His first at-bat was a double that prompted the crowd to erupt like Mt. Vesuvius. A walk-off single in the ninth inning put a cap on a stellar career.  A couple of years from now some jerk will report that Jeter was caught hunching over the line while in a marble tournament when he was 9 years old. Tell him to forget about it; it’s time to move on.

Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO