The Victory Unlimited Show, a popular, tongue-in-cheek self-help Internet radio show, has produced a list of tips to help both men and women get a date during the holiday season.

Though the website’s most recent post, “The Holiday Mission,” is actually a collection of broadcasts aimed at giving single men strategies to hook up with single women for the holidays, a number of curious women have begun listening, too. Now, singles of both genders are using the Victory Unlimited Show strategies listed below to find dates before this holiday season is over.

1. The Internet Community Strategy: Use dating sites, local news sites, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace and any other places online where you can find out about what other singles are doing in your city this holiday season.

2. The Programmer Strategy: Now is the perfect time of the year to stop dodging all the invites you get from your family to go to little Johnny’s or little Janet’s school programs, piano recitals, holiday plays, and community center events. You will be surprised at how many single people attend these events.

3. The Broadcast Yourself Strategy: Don’t keep the fact that you’re single and available for dating and partying a secret any longer. During casual conversation, let friends, family, coworkers, and even passing associates know that you’re out to meet and greet someone new.

4. The Partygoer Strategy: Go to all the parties you’re invited to and find as many parties to invite “yourself” to as possible. Tis the season to get out and get your “party” on!

5. The Faith Base Strategy: Use the joyful, thoughtful, and sentimental spirit of the holiday season as motivation to spend more time at your church, synagogue, or place of worship. Find the right person for you while you simultaneously appreciate and celebrate your spirituality.

6. The Holiday-Break Hangout Strategy: If you’re away from home on business for an extended amount of time or if you’re a student away at school, then hook up with one of your friends, dorm roommates, or coworkers and hangout with them in their hometown for the holidays. You’ll get a chance to meet interesting people that you’d never have met otherwise.

7. The Mall Domination Strategy: Pick the biggest mall in your city that has the most people-traffic, then spend the whole day striking up conversations with every attractive person you see. It’s all a numbers game. You’ll definitely meet someone new and interesting before the day is over.

8. The Bad Santa Strategy: Get with some friends, put your money together, and throw a party the day after Christmas. Take advantage of the usually boring week before New Year’s Eve by giving all the single people something exciting to do—which is to come out and party with you.

9. The New Year’s Eve Party Strategy: Pick five banging New Year’s Eve parties. Start with the one where you think that the most eligible singles will be. Stay there until you’ve met, talked with, and gotten the phone numbers of as many attractive prospects as you can. Then, leave that party and go to the next one. Stay out all night until either the sun comes up or you hit the “Hook Up Jackpot.”

10. The Everyday-Everywhere Strategy: This one is easy. Make it your mission to meet people everywhere you go until the end of this year and well over into the next year. Keep your eyes open and don’t stop mixing and mingling until you meet someone special before the holiday season is over!