Burna Boy and 21 Savage deliver the perfect mix of American hip-hop and Afrobeat rhythm in their song, “Sittin’ On Top of the World.” (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

By Amaka Watson,
Defender Network

Afrobeats, the genre that originated in West Africa, has rapidly taken the world by storm. With its infectious rhythms and dance-inducing melodies, Afrobeats has managed to bridge cultural gaps and bring artists from different parts of the globe together.

These top five Afrobeats collaborations with U.S. based artists showcase the genre’s ability to transcend borders and unite artists from different backgrounds. As Afrobeats continues to gain global recognition, these collaborations serve as a testament to the genre’s influence and its capacity to create chart-topping hits that resonate with audiences worldwide. Music truly knows no boundaries, and these artists are at the forefront of connecting the diaspora through the power of Afrobeats.

Rema ft Selena Gomez: Calm Down

Rema, the Nigerian prodigy, teamed up with American pop sensation Selena Gomez to create the electrifying track “Calm Down.” The song seamlessly blends Afrobeats’ signature percussion with Selena’s sultry vocals, resulting in a harmonious cultural fusion. “Calm Down” has not only dominated international charts but also serves as a testament to the power of cross-continental collaborations.

Burna Boy ft 21 Savage: Sittin’ On Top of the World

“Burna Boy’s ‘Sitting on Top of the World’ featuring 21 Savage is a genre-defying masterpiece that seamlessly blends Afrobeats and American rap. In ‘Sitting on Top of the World,’ Burna Boy’s signature Afro-fusion style takes center stage, infusing the song with infectious rhythms and hypnotic melodies while giving an ode to 90s R&B legend Brandy. The song’s themes revolve around achieving greatness, celebrating success, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. ‘Sitting on Top of the World’ serves as an anthem for those who have overcome adversity and emerged victorious.

Victor Thompson ft Gunna: This Year (Live performance)

Renowned gospel singer and songwriter Victor Thompson made a special appearance at Rapper Gunna’s concert held at the YouTube Theatre in Los Angeles to deliver their amazing rendition of Victor’s hit song “This Year.” The song was rated No. 43 on the Top 50 List of the Afrobeat chart and moved up to No. 35 in February. While the song is yet to be officially released, the live rendition showcased the incredible chemistry between the artists, blending Afrobeats’ rhythmic energy with Gunna’s signature trap sound.

Music genius Chris Brown teams up with Wizkid in the single “Call Me Everyday.” Credit: (Photo courtesy of Spotify)

Wizkid ft Chris Brown: Call Me Every Day

Wizkid, often referred to as Nigeria’s Starboy, joined forces with the renowned American artist Chris Brown for the chart-topping track “Call Me Every Day.” This Afrobeats gem features Chris Brown effortlessly singing in Yoruba, a Nigerian language, creating a perfect blend of cultures. The song’s catchy chorus and infectious beat make it a favorite on international playlists.

Davido ft Nicki Minaj: Holy Ground

Davido’s ‘Holy Ground’ featuring Nicki Minaj stands as an exemplary fusion of Afrobeats and American hip-hop influences. The song masterfully intertwines Davido’s melodious Afrobeats rhythm with Nicki Minaj’s distinctive rap verses. Nicki Minaj’s feature on ‘Holy Ground’ showcases her ability to effortlessly switch between genres, seamlessly adapting to the Afrobeats soundscape. Her verses complement Davido’s smooth vocals, creating a dynamic and harmonious partnership that highlights the global appeal of both artists.

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