Baltimore’s own R&B band Dru Hill is currently on tour in Europe with 112 and Ginuwine. The three groups are celebrating 20 years of being in the music business.

R&B band Dru Hill (Twitter Photo)

Dru Hill’s manager, Kevin Peck, has been posting behind the scenes footage of the group as they shop, perform sound checks and taking the stage to perform some of their biggest hits on the AFRO’s Facebook page.

Here is the group doing a sound check before a performance Frankfurt, Germany. Here are a few minutes of Dru Hill taking the stage in Stuttgart, Germany. For a taste of what life is really like on the road, here is the group ordering breakfast at a rest stop. The selection of food is surprisingly wide for what is essentially a gas station.

Dru Hill comes back to America later this month with shows in Jacksonville, Fl., Atlantic City, N.J. and Philadelphia, Pa. among others.