The Casey Trees Community Tree Planting program is searching for applicants who are willing and wanting to plant trees in various locations around Washington D.C. This program was implemented in 2005 and was meant to assist in adding the amount of trees in the urban area of the District of Columbia. The deadline for applications is June 15.

The Community Tree Planting (CTP) program provides the tools, trees, technical assistance and other utilities necessary to participants, individuals and groups who have the intentions of planting 10 or more trees. The trees may be planted in parks, schools, churches or apartment complexes free of charge. Trees may even be planted in private property areas with the owner’s consent. Participants who do choose to be involved in the planting of trees through Community Tree planting must commit to water the tree and care for it up until two years after its planting. Over 4,000 trees have been planted across the city through the CTP.

Applicants who wish to participate in the program must propose a location for a minimum for 10 trees, receive permission from all property owners where the trees will be planted, attend an orientation meeting and provide food and drink to the volunteers once the planting has concluded.

So far this spring, Casey Trees has planted more than 770 trees at more than 44 events throughout Washington D.C. This season has been the programs most successful ever, according to program organizers.

To find out more information on how to be a part of the program, go online and visit


Blake Bryson