Baltimore’s woes, including a record homicide rate, deeply rooted police corruption and struggling public schools have made national headlines in the last few months. Now, a Black conservative commentator, loyal to Donald Trump, is seizing upon the city’s misery and attacking its leadership in a video that is going viral.

“Baltimore is one of the most troubled cities in the U.S….last year Baltimore recorded the highest homicide rates in the city’s history,” proclaims Deneen Borelli, host of, “Here’s the Deal,” which operates from the CRTV (Conservative Review Television) online platform. In the three minute, 34 second video, which has garnered more than 735,000 views since March 23, Borelli continues to regurgitate statistics supporting her thesis.

Conservative commentator Deneen Borelli, pictured next to Fox News Host Sean Hannity, has thoughts about Baltimore. (Courtesy photo)

“Baltimore City leadership, you are a disgrace. And what about Baltimore City Schools? A report from Project Baltimore found that 13 high schools had zero students proficient in math. And nine out of 10 Black boys in Baltimore are not reading at grade level,” added Borelli, author of, Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation.

The video, which also utilizes video of Baltimore City Public School elementary school children huddled in classrooms with no heat wearing winter coats, opens condemning Baltimore for providing $100,000 of city funds to lawyers, “to help immigrants fight deportation,” Borelli argues. She ends her rant by claiming, “President Trump puts America first. That’s a principle Baltimore City leaders should follow and not resist.”

Some Black Facebook viewers of the video seem to support some of Borelli’s claims. “There is no political will to invest in poor African Americans in Baltimore City!” exclaimed Ralph E. Johnson Jr.

However, others challenge Borelli’s political allegiance. “What is wrong with this sister…families are being broken apart…stop cooning. Sad excuse for a Black person,” wrote Kevin David Geer, who also wrote, “…you support a racist who hates you…”

CRTV was founded by Mark Levin, a well-known Conservative bomb thrower, who in 2013 declared, “the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government,” and claimed President Obama was a “sympathizer” of the Sunni Islamist organization. In March 2017, Levin said the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower, a charge leveled without any evidence, which was proven to be a lie.

CRTV is the home of other Conservative firebrands including: Michelle Malkin, Steven Crowder and Andrew Wilkow.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s office did not reply to a request for comment to the Borelli video by AFRO press time.

Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor