By Sean Yoes, AFRO Baltimore Editor,

During Rep. Elijah Cummings first public appearance after Donald Trump verbally defecated on the Congressional district and city Cummings proudly represents, the venerable Congressman said the following:

“We are a great community. Come to Baltimore. Do not criticize us, but come to Baltimore and I promise you, you will be welcomed.” 

Cummings is as shrewd as he is resourceful and resilient. He made the comments during the opening of a park that was once a vacant lot and during those initial comments he never mentioned Trump’s name. So, effectively you had an invitation from Cummings for anyone (with benevolent motives) to come to our city.

 However, during an exchange with members of the press following those initial comments, Cummings did specifically say Trump was welcome in Baltimore.


Cummings has some (not many) detractors in West Baltimore; I am not one of them. I know he loves WB specifically, his entire district and the city as a whole. I believe he has been and continues to be a zealous public servant for his constituents.

Sean Yoes (Courtesy Photo)

However, as we say in West Baltimore I don’t mean no harm Rep. Cummings, but Trump is not welcome here.

Hell no.

I believe I speak for the majority of Baltimore residents; Black, Brown, White, Indigenous American, Asian, LGBTQ, straight, Eastside, Westside, when I say to Trump, stay the hell out of our city, forever.

I have heard a few other politicians and leaders suggest Trump should come to Baltimore (I personally prefer the public taunts/invitations of former RNC Chair Michael Steele and legendary filmmaker John Waters) seeking possible resources for our city.

Give me a break. In Trump’s previous life, simultaneous with his career as a reality TV carnival barker, in the minds of many he was a real estate swindler. Over the decades, he has been sued by countless contractors and workers who claim he has stiffed them for services and work provided for his failed casinos and other real estate projects.

He still owes the City of El Paso hundreds of thousands of dollars for his first trip to that city in February. How much money did those dozens of Black college presidents who gathered at the White House in February 2017 get for their HBCU’s? Trump has proven time and time again that his word is not his bond, just the opposite.

So, when it comes to Trump somehow being compelled to dole out millions for some of our blighted neighborhoods, I argue he shares the mantra of the infamous pimp Don “Magic” Juan; “no dough.”

Let us not forget, the 45th President’s Twitter attack on July 27 read, “No human being would want to live there.”

Again, he said about Baltimore, “NO HUMAN BEING WOULD WANT TO LIVE THERE.”

The attempted dehumanization of people of color is a deadly, recurring theme with this president. Over and over and over again he has used words like “infestation” and “invasion” to describe migrants. We have heard him describe Mexicans as “rapists” and “murderers.” And last weekend Trump’s vile, racist, rhetoric directly inspired and encouraged the actions of a mass murderer who drove 10 hours to El Paso and murdered 22 human beings.

But, here’s the question; even if Trump had not attacked Baltimore (and Rep. Cummings) and endeavored to dehumanize us, as he has incessantly attempted to dehumanize Hispanic Americans, why would we welcome this despicable man to our city?

Why would we welcome a White nationalist to a majority Black city?

Why would we welcome a man who has implemented an immigration policy that includes locking Brown babies in cages to our city?

Why would we welcome a man who refers to African and Carribbean nations as “sh*thole countries” to our city?

Why would we welcome a man who brags “grab them by the p—-” to our city?

Why would we welcome a man who giggles at the suggestion of shooting migrants (as he did in Panama City, Florida in May), to our city?


Sean Yoes is the AFRO’s Baltimore editor and the author of Baltimore After Freddie Gray: Real Stories From One of America’s Great Imperiled Cities.

Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor