For years now I have been spreading the message to protect, preserve, and to give honor to the very being that all life resides upon, EARTH.

Our newly-elected president, Donald Trump has a very different message. His stance is to protect, preserve and to give honor to businesses only. Forgetting and dismissing the environment issues that will eventually be our nations’ and plant demise.

Our nation comes in the second place behind China when to comes to pollution, accounting for 16 percent of cumulative global greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, the decisions made by Trump and his Republican-controlled Congress on environment will be critical for future generations of people, plants, insects and animals. Trump has gone as far to say that climate change is a “myth” made up by China to make manufacturing non-competitive.

So, what could our America look like with a president that sees the plant as a mere resource for big business? Here’s a glimpse of what Trump’s administration plans for the environment.

Trump’s first order of business is to dismantle the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). In my last article, I highlighted what the agency does to protect the environment and people against businesses that polluted the air and water. When Trump was interviewed by, Chris Wallace from ‘Fox News Sunday’ last month with the question, ‘who is going to protect the environment?’ Trump said, “We’ll be fine with the environment…..we can leave a little, but you can’t destroy businesses’. Trump as gone as far as to appoint, Myron Ebell to head-up and dismantle the EPA, who the Financial Times calls, “one of America’s most prominent climate-change skeptics.” Ebell works has been funded by some of our nation’s worst environmental polluters, like Murray Energy the nation’s largest coal mining company. Ebell, also noted that he will be supporting more ‘big coal’, “so that we can combat the nonsense put out by the environmental movement.”

Second up, Trump and his administration has plans to Reopen Shuttered Coal Mines. What does that mean to the air our nation will be breathing? Among all fossil fuels, coal is the nastiest and dirties than oil, gasoline and natural gases. So, while Trump is boasting about putting America’s coal miners back to work. Under his plan, those coal miners, their families, their community and their states (West Virginia and Pennsylvania) will see an increase of dangerous levels of pollution in the very water that they drink and the air that they breath.

Third, Trump plan to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, pledging to cancel the agreement and withdraw all funding for climate-related United Nation programs. This action will surely tell the world that America does not care about global warming or climate-change.

Fourth up, Trump’s administration has plans to approve the Keystone XL pipeline project, which would transport crude oil from oil sands in Alberta, Canada, through Montana and into Nebraska. Under the Obama administration, the U.S. State Department founded that it is likely that the proposed pipeline, which crosses thousands of rivers and streams including several major rivers like the Yellowstone and Platte will experience spills. Trump responds to these findings, “I want it built, but I want a piece of the profits, that how we’re going to make our country rich again.” Trump also is a financial stakeholder of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Lastly, Trump wants to reduce U.S. investment in Clean Energy options. Trump said last November in Newton, Iowa, “wind energy is a problem, a very expensive form of energy”. On the contrary, Wind Energy in states like Texas and Iowa generates the highest amount of wind power as a percentage of its total energy portfolio, wind is cheaper and cleaner than coal or gas-powered energy.

As an environmentalist, I am hopefully, that all people across our nation will stand up against this newly-elected administration on environmental issue. After all, it’s the water that you drink and the air you breath.

Cathy Allen is an award-winning Urban Environmentalist, the co-creator of G.R.A.S.S. (Growing Resources After Sowing Seed) as well as Chair of the “Grow-It Eat It” campaign. G.R.A.S.S. is an environmental entrepreneurial nonprofit program based on the fundamentals of gardening, agriculture and ecology. In conjunction with Baltimore City Public Schools, Allen’s campaign has planted over a half-million trees on the lawns of Baltimore City public schools. She can be reached at

Cathy Allen

AFRO Science Writer