An alleged scare tactic went awry after two Prince George’s County officers who were invited by the host to a Memorial Day party in Charles County to place fear in three teens accused of stealing alcohol were accused of criminal conduct in connection with the incident.

A Charles County grand jury on June 28 indicted Christopher Perry, who has been on the department for four years, and Michael Rowe, a member of the force for five years, on charges of kidnapping, assault, and false imprisonment for detaining two of the teens and allegedly assaulting the third, according to a Prince George’s County police blog. The officers have been placed on administrative leave, officials said.

According to news accounts, Perry and Rowe, who were assigned to District II, the Bowie Substation, showed up at the party after the host, who was apparently friends with the pair, asked them to scare the teenagers, authorities said. They were in a marked car, though wearing street clothes, officials said.

When the officers arrived, they arrested one teen and put another in the back seat of the patrol car, news reports said. A third youth escaped. The teen who was in the back seat was allegedly driven a couple of miles away to a location near a school. He told authorities he was beaten and kicked in the head. The teen’s bike was allegedly placed in the trunk of the cruiser, and the officers told him to “count aloud” as they drove away, according to D.C. Fox 5 News.

“I had to just sit back there and ride,” one of the teens told Fox 5. “I didn’t know if I was every going to see my parents again. I was very scared and nervous. I didn’t know where they were taking me. I didn’t know what they were going to do.”