On May 28 a 71 year old was the victim of another brutal home invasion after she was robbed and sexually assaulted as her 4 year old granddaughter slept in the other room.

Police Comm Kevin Davis4

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis discusses possible links between two home invasions of elderly Baltimore residents.

At around 2:30 a.m., a man wearing all black entered the victim’s home in the 5300 block of Beaufort Ave. in Baltimore. The intruder stole money, jewelry, and other items from the woman at knifepoint before sexually assaulting her, said Baltimore Detective Donny Moses in a media briefing. The suspect stole the victim’s car only to crash it a short time later. The man fled on foot before police arrived. There was blood found at the crime scene which led police to believe the suspect injured himself in the crash.

Moses said the suspect was around six feet tall and had a slender build.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said in a media briefing on May 31, that the home invasion was linked geographically to another that happened earlier in May and left Mary Helen Dickson-Hines, 93, dead due to them both being 1.5 miles apart but “can’t say if it’s the same suspect(s).

Davis also stated that the Medical Examiner confirmed that Mary Hines was also sexually assaulted.

On May 4 police received a call from neighbors about a possible home invasion in the 4500 block of Garden Drive in the Park Heights area. When police arrived, they found the back door to the home of Mary Helen Dickson-Hines open; inside she was found badly beaten, tied up, and could barely move. Hines was taken to Sanai hospital where she died from her injuries on May 25; nearly three weeks after the attack. Police believe the suspect is someone familiar with the neighborhood and who knew the area well.

Mary Helen Dickson-Hines originally from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, came to Baltimore in the 1970’s and was a nurse at Rosewood Hospital, her niece Margie Johnson told the AFRO. Hines was a member of Gillis Memorial Christian Community Church in the same community she lived until “her health began to fail her” stated Johnson. Hines was married twice and had one daughter who died when she was 25. She loved to dance and get dressed up according to Johnson. “She was the best dresser. She won every contest and walked in parades. She was my favorite aunt. She even got married in my house.”

Hines was well loved and well known in the community. “She was so adorable” said one neighbor who often saw her outside gardening.

“She was loved and respected in the neighborhood. She was very loving and had a very good spirit” neighbor Brittany Evans, who has known Hines since she was a child, told the AFRO.

“My aunt was sweet, the whole block loved her” said Johnson. “I know without a doubt my aunt knew who did this to her.”

“She was beautiful. You can’t say anything bad about her and I’m so angry; I cry until I can’t cry anymore. She didn’t bother anyone.”

A candlelight visual was held by Margie Johnson for family, friends, and the community, in front of Hines home on May 30. Johnson has a repass planned for a later date also in her aunt’s backyard.

There are no immediate plans for a funeral.

The Baltimore Police are canvassing the area and meeting with residents who are concerned with the recent violence against senior