Ty Hunter has styled multi-platinum selling artist and Grammy Award-winner Beyoncé Knowles-Carter for almost two decades. So when Beyoncé wears a Givenchy gown at the MET Gala, her designer “Ty” is right there, ensuring she looks great.

Stylist Ty Hunter.

Hunter’s association with Beyoncé is a family thing—he was introduced to the business of R&B diva fashion by Beyonce’s mom, Tina Beyincé-Lawson. Learning from “Miss Tina,” an ESSENCE magazine’s Inspiring Leadership Award winner, Hunter began styling Destiny’s Child for music videos and red carpet looks after their hit song “No, No, No” debuted in 1997.

“It was a blessing,” Hunter said in an exclusive interview with the AFRO.

Hunter has earned accolades for styling the best in hip hop and R&B, but now he’s bringing his style to the masses. In a collaboration with the ServedFresh Collection, the “With Passion by Ty Hunter” clothing line radiates in yellow, fly art, and fresh logos.

“It’s not about me at the end of day,” the Texas native said. “It’s about how your client feels.”

Beyonce wearing with passion by Ty hunter.
Beyonce wearing with passion by Ty hunter.

When asked about the collection’s colors, Hunter shared, “when I post something positive, I use yellow…social media can be so dark.”  Ty also uses a four-exclamation-point (!!!!) logo to represent the voice of passion and conviction, a social narrative all his own. The collection offers tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and snapback hats for guys and girls. In addition, the collection showcases a yellow and black buffalo plaid shirt (modeled by Beyoncé), and a baseball style jersey and fun sticker pack.

Hunter’s artwork is attention-grabbing and unique including a Zebra, “prey”-ing hands, a Ty cartoon face, graffiti font, and an Andy Warhol-inspired face. Logos printed in yellow make statements such as “WITH + PASSION,”  “$PRI,CEL,ESS” and “No H8.”  The entire collection features the ServedFresh barcode logo. Priced from $45 to $125, millennials and older women are said to be fanatics about line’s offerings.

The collection’s webpage makes Hunter’s purpose clear: to create a contagious spirit of empowerment and enlightenment through simple symbolism, where fashion is the vehicle and social media is the conduit.

“Symbolism speaks expression and combining that with fashion is a great way to make a statement,” said Kristin Frazier of Trèfle Designs. Frazier has designed swimwear for the Queen Bey and her daughter Blue Ivy since 2014. “Ty has successfully done this not only through fashion, but through color, timeless designs and has a great personality to back the line.”

Hunter is no stranger to making new ideas a success. A few years ago, Hunter and his business partners in Passion Projects LLC created the Ty-Lite, an LED-lighted smartphone case that creates the perfect lighting for selfies with cool, warm and brilliant settings. Celebrities Oprah Winfrey, Kelly Rowland, Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa endorsed the Ty-Lite on social media. Ty even re-posted an Instagram photo of Washington, D.C.’s own celebrity hair and make-up artist, Demetress Valentine “Demi-V,” who uses the Ty-Lite. A owner of D’Signs Unlimited salon in Crofton, Md., Demi V wrote, “I love the Ty-Lite, what better way to take a selfie than to have three settings of light, it’s perfect.”

Hunter continues to make giant strides in fashion and business. The entrepreneur was recently presented in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Biz My Way web series to support the“My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

For all things Ty, check him out at https://servedfreshcollection.com/collections/with-passion-collection-by-ty-hunter and https://ty-lite.com/.