The following is another representation of a bone I find myself wanting to pick from time to time. If you are a fan of sports, you spend quite a bit of time in front of the tube watching whatever is offered. In order to keep abreast of current events, you tune in to the talking heads and listen to their take on athletes, their performance and their behavior.

In an hour segment of some of these shows we listen to some guy who is 30 pounds overweight, and never participated in as much as a game of jacks, spending 15 minutes expounding on the great plays of the day. The other 45 minutes are relegated to anything negative they deem newsworthy.

I have given my two cents worth on the value of LeBron James, while I have to listen to the talking heads dropping the negative comments because he hadn’t won a championship. Then when he left Cleveland to get away from playing with a bench full of no names, and took his talents to South Beach, he was still considered a bad fellow. His move proved to be a smart one because the rings finally came. This showed with the proper supporting cast he was allowed to showcase his talents. Then the accolades came mixed with a little bit of mud.

“LeBron James led the Miami Heat to an NBA Championship, but it’s still a shame the way he left Cleveland.” Since then, he has won a few rings, and the Cavaliers haven’t even had anybody to lead them across the street.

From my point of view, I totally understand LeBron’s choice to leave Cleveland for Miami. I would much prefer to sit with my toes in the sand, sipping a mojito, than walking around with my coat collar turned up around my ears, my cap pulled down around my eyes, and goose bumps the size of M&Ms running down my arms.

This is just one example of the bones I feel inclined to pick, but the latest blurb from the fat boys in the press box is what has prompted this outburst of anger. The talking heads are now focusing the blame guns on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

If you follow the sport, you are aware that the quarterback plays offense. In my mind, when he is able to put 20+ points on the board his team should have a chance for the win. In the three losses, the defense is to blame in my mind. The best example I can give of this is a hard lesson I learned from my dad. I had a pretty good game on the hardwood, and excitedly reported to him that I had scored 26 points. He gave me the stone face and reminded me that my opponent scored 28 points, so I was minus two.

There were a few snide remarks over the fact that RGIII had thrown two interceptions in the last game. For the uninformed, if your team is behind, the quarterback is forced to pass and the opposition is just lying in wait. In the past, he has been able to depend on his legs to get him out of a lot of situations, but the coaching staff has got his running game on lockdown since he is still recuperating from last season’s injury.

I say give him time to hone his game since he had no preseason, and don’t be so quick to give “ugly so much attention.”


Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO