In the world of comedy, there’s only room for one queen, and comedian Sommore has undoubtedly claimed the throne. After busting onto the scene in 1995 as the first female host of BET’s “Comic View,” the Trenton, N.J. native’s career quickly ascended as she became one of the premier faces of Black female comedy.

Following her role alongside Ice Cube in the slapstick urban comedy, Friday After Next, she went on to appear in a string of other films including Soul Plane, Something New and Family Reunion. She’s also appeared in many television shows such as “The Parkers,” “Wild N’ Out” and “Celebrity Fit Club.”

Now, the hilarious “tell it like it is” queen is gearing up for her headlined “Royal Comedy Tour,” which also stars comedians D.L. Hughley, Bruce Bruce, Don “D.C.” Curry, Damon Williams and TuRae. The AFRO recently spoke to Sommore about her career and what fans can expect at this royal tour of laughs.

AFRO: You’ve been in this business for over 15 years. How does it feel to have had such a lengthy career in comedy?
Sommore: It’s actually closer to 20 years, but yes it feels great. In the business world, when you’re doing something that makes you money for five years, it’s considered a success. So, to be making a living off of comedy for 20 years–I’m just grateful. I attribute it mostly to my fans because they respect my work. They appreciate it and support it.

AFRO: What are some challenges that you’ve faced in the past while in this business?
Sommore: It’s just like any other career; you have your ups and your downs. I wouldn’t say there are a whole lot of challenges, but it’s a male-dominated business. I’ve faced sexism and racism at different points, but I think I’m judged differently than a lot of other guys. I think if I said a joke and I know it’s funny and a guy said the same thing, people would , but coming from a girl, people would be like, ‘Oh, that’s dirty.’ People just judge women differently, but I’m used to that now.

AFRO: You have quite a line up for the ‘Royal Comedy Tour.’ Why did you decide to bring these specific comedians on board?
Sommore: I wanted to do a tour that had all headliners. It’s a show with a magnitude of the “Kings and Queens of Comedy.” That’s why we’re calling it the “Royal Comedy Tour.” We’ve been selling out all over the country. We did 30 cities last year and we’re doing 30 cities this year. I’m just excited.

AFRO: What new surprises can attendees expect at this year’s show?
Sommore: The bottom line is the world is ever-changing. So, of course the material is going to be different from last year. We have so much more to talk about. We got to talk about why these dead fish are just rolling up everywhere, why these birds are falling out the sky and why everybody is just walking around like they don’t see it. .

AFRO: Do you have anything else in the works that fans can look out for?
Sommore: Right now, I’m getting ready to shoot my second one-woman special. The last one, The Queen Stands Alone, did very well. It aired on Comedy Central and we’re selling the DVDs right now. I’m about to shoot special this May and we’re taping it in Miami. It’s going to be titled, All Dressed Up and No Place to Go. I’m really excited about it.

Sommore’s ‘Royal Comedy Tour’ will stop in Baltimore at the 1st Mariner Arena on Feb. 5. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, log onto

Gregory Dale

AFRO News Editor