In less than 10 months, Baltimore will be home to Horseshoe Casino. In preparation, the Mayor’s office and Horseshoe Casino officials teamed up with a local church to host a hiring workshop. The goal is to place city residents in the 1,700 jobs the casino promises. On Feb. 23, 125 city residents and church members gathered at Union Baptist Church in West Baltimore to hear about the job opportunities.

The workshop was a recruiting session for the Horseshoe Legendary Candidate Academy, a two-day training session that provides detailed information on the pre-employment process. Horseshoe Casino Baltimore Senior Vice President Chad Barnhill told the AFRO in January that the search for local employees would be comprehensive. “We intend to recruit a Horseshoe workforce that represents the very best that the City of Baltimore has to offer,” he said.

The Rev. Alvin C. Hathaway, pastor of Union Baptist, told the AFRO why he partnered with Horseshoe when he does not support gambling. “I am in a community that has a high unemployment rate,” he said. “… I would like for members of the community, members of the church, to have access to these jobs early on.”

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said the Horseshoe Casino’s partnership with Baltimore is strong. “Horseshoe understands that it is a priority of my administration to provide local residents with the required knowledge and opportunities to be successful when applying for the 1,700 jobs created to operate the new casino,” the mayor said. “This strong public-private partnership between the City and Horseshoe has resulted in a comprehensive recruitment strategy, which includes working closely with various entities – including the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood and Constituent Services, the Baltimore City Council, and community groups and churches – to deliver a variety of outreach services for local job seekers in their own neighborhoods.”

The mayor said to cast a wide net to reach as many residents as possible, Horseshoe is conducting its 14-District Neighborhood Tour to give local job seekers the necessary tools to get a head start for these employment opportunities. “I encourage all interested citizens to attend these events and also consider participating in the Horseshoe Legendary Academy,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Mayor said since beginning the hiring efforts Feb. 3, Baltimore Horseshoe Casino officials have targeted a large number of churches, colleges and non-profits – attempting to cover all districts – to find candidates to join their team.

The 14-District Neighborhood Tour will end late April.


Blair Adams

AFRO Staff Writer