For Immediate Release
September 13, 2016
CONTACT:  Ian Jannetta – 202-226-7200
Van Hollen Statement on Census Report on Poverty
Washington, DC – Today Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, issued the following statement on the Census Bureau’s report on Income and Poverty in the United States:
“Today’s Census report shows improvement for millions of American families as the economy continues to strengthen. It is encouraging that our economic recovery is lifting Americans out of poverty and boosting wages. We must redouble our efforts to ensure that all Americans who work hard and play by the rules can get ahead.
“But instead of building on this progress, Washington Republicans want to turn back the clock. They are dead-set on giving tax breaks to the wealthy in a continued reliance on the discredited ‘trickle-down’ theory of economics. They want to slash investments that keep our economy strong and dismantle the social safety net for those who are still struggling. Their budget policies would take us in the wrong direction.
“Democrats are fighting to boost job growth and wages and to expand the middle class. We are committed to making sure the American dream is in reach for all.”