Instagram has done it again, this time by adding a video application for its users. The online service for iPhones and Android smartphones allows users to record videos up to 15 seconds and post it to their timeline.

“We talk about Instagram as capturing and sharing the world’s moments. It’s not just about photography,” Instagram founder Kevin Systrom told ABC News “Nightline” anchor Bill Weir. “There are a ton of moments in the world that can’t be captured in single images.”

Not only can videos be taken, but filters can also be added to them, to make the videos look better. With 13 filters to choose from, users now have a wide variety to select from to share their most memorable moments with their followers.

The app is competitive with Twitter’s Vine app, which has become widely used in recent months. Vine users can create six-second videos that will play continuously once started.

The video app has been in development for two years, Systrom said.

Industry observers say the just-released video app is expanding Instagram’s penetration of the iPhone /Android market.

The products of both apps can be posted on Facebook and Twitter.


Courtney Jacobs

AFRO Staff Writer