31 year-old Jennifer Jeffrey-Browne, and her 7 year-old son Kester “Tony” Browne III.

Kester Browne III and his mother Jennifer Jeffrey-Browne were both shot in the head and killed in late May in Southwest Baltimore. On a warm Monday evening, June 8, Kester’s classmates at Baltimore International Academy Elementary/Middle School gathered in the school’s auditorium to remember him.

Kester, who was a second grader in the Chinese Immersion program at the school, was remembered by his classmates and friends as a funny jokester who was always willing to help his fellow student. It was those classmates who began the vigil by singing a song in Chinese while holding flameless candles.

Speaker after speaker came to the podium, with blown up pictures of the Mother and son as well as a framed picture of a flower, the last art project Kester turned in. “I really want, from this day forward, for us to really look at life and look at the people close to us. And look at the people who need our help. And really put ourselves out there. I feel like the only way I can move on and go on with my life is to somehow through them,” said Danielle Wilder, Jeffrey-Browne’s sister.

Councilman Brandon Scott, District 2, said “What we have to realize is that one day we’ll get to see Kester again, but right now what have to do, especially the adults in the room, is make sure we fight for justice for Kester here on Earth.” Last year Scott, along with Munir Bahar, co-founded the anti-violence group 300 Men March.

Kester and his mother were found in their home on May 29 and were the 37th and 38th homicides in Baltimore during the month of May. The police, who have not announced a motive or suspects, are asking people to come forward and to call 410-396-2100 if they have any information. Major Richard Worly of the Northeastern District said, “No matter how long you do this, as a cop you never forget the kids. We won’t rest until we catch the coward who did this because that is what he is, a coward.”

Several classmates were too overcome by emotion to speak about their experiences with Kester. One little girl who gave her name as Isabella said to the crowd, “I hope that Kester comes back because if he doesn’t I will be sad.”