NFL star Vince Young apologized to the Tennessee Titans organization and fans Monday for his involvement in a fight at a Dallas strip club early June 13.

According to ESPN, Young was charged with a misdemeanor assault citation after physically attacking a strip club employee, a mistake he hopes doesn’t result in punishment from the league.

“I just made a mistake, I made a mistake even being there and I let that guy provoke me into doing what I did,” Young told reporter following the Titans’ practice Monday. “I pray to God that Roger Goodell doesn’t come down hard on me, because I definitely want to be here for my teammates.”

Apparently, the club employee made an upside-down Texas University Longhorn sign, which Young says is an ultimate gesture of disrespect. But he also said “it was more than that. “There was a lot of stuff going on” that led to the fight. Young said he didn’t throw any punches, claiming “it was just a push,” instead.

Either way, Titans coach Jeff Fisher expressed his disappointment.

“I’m disappointed, but he’s taken responsibility for it,” Fisher said. “I like to think he’s learned a lesson. He had no business making the decision that he made and obviously he’s got to deal with those consequences. The league will look into it. The commissioner is very strict about these types of things and I am sure we’ll hear from him after we get more information.”

Fisher is only one of many from the Titans organization that hopes this incident doesn’t process of becoming the team’s primary leader on the field.

“Becoming a leader is a process, you don’t just step up and take over a team,” Fisher told reporters. “It’s a process and in the process on occasion you hope that there are not setbacks, but this may be a setback. But in the long run I don’t think this is going to affect him.”

Young hopes Fisher is right.

“It’s past, it’s over with,” Young said. “Now I am letting my legal folks and the process go on about it, let them take care of that. Right now I am just playing football.”