By Charise Wallace, Special to the AFRO

The rap industry may be dominated by males, but females continue to write their own history, which is why DMV based producer Ramone Messam is launching Vintage Wishes, a royal hip-hop gala that includes a fashion show and an all-female cypher, Vintage Queens.

Messam originally introduced high school cyphers under his company Kno-Effort and now he’s taking on a new hip hop inspired venture. A group of eight females called Vintage Queens is his newest project.

“I’m trying to create a whole new outlook when it comes to women,” said Messam to the AFRO.

The D.C. artists include Annamaze, Sheila D Yeah, Chee-Chee the Motivator, JZL, Mia Sparrow, Dominiforelli and more.

Two weeks leading up to the regal evening on July 15th at the Carnegie Institution of Science, each female will be given their own unique platform to put their lyrical skills to test in a cypher video.

“They are completely in their own lane, it’s like night day,”  said Messam.

As Messam puts it, the “Femcees” will showcase their fashion sense and flow to stand out from the modern day icons like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

“I told them that I feel like right now in the industry it’s too many women that are not going back to the Lauryn Hill status,” he said. “I told them that we’re trying to push a new visual. We want to show young women that are doing their thing right now that you don’t have to be like a Cardi B or a Nicki Minaj.  You can be a queen.”

In the music video, the lyricists are wearing local designs by Sankara XT and Afrovelvet to name a few and their garments will be presented at the royal celebration. “Females in this area are really tapping into their originality,” said Messam. “I don’t really meet too many women who have the same style.”

Vintage Wishes is also the title of Messam’s retro boutique line that he will showcase at the event. “I wanted the whole theme of the project to cater to a vintage look,” he said.

Not only does he want the artists to feel like royalty, but the audience as well. “Underrated and unknown artist get one lavish night to express themselves lyrically and stylistically…treating artists and everyone invited like queens and kings.”

Attendees are expected to wear white, gold and/or purple while they enjoy a night of music, entertainment, fashion, networking and Caribbean food.

“People don’t know what to expect…they’re not even going to expect what’s coming,” he said.

Watch the Vintage Queens trailer on YouTube and follow updates on the full release and ticket purchasing by following Messam’s Instagram @mistamone.