In accordance with a new NFL policy, the Washington Redskins announced Dec. 2 that security officials will begin using hand-held metal wands to scan individuals attending games at FedEx Field.

The new policy began with Washington’s home game against the New York Jets on Dec. 4 and is expected to be incorporated into security policy at FedEx for the foreseeable future.

“The enhanced security system is part of the continued and comprehensive effort to ensure safety for all fans at FedExField,” Redskins senior vice president Tony Wyllie said in a statement. “Using metal-detecting wands is less invasive and fans won’t have to unzip or remove clothes in colder weather.”

Fans are encouraged to arrive at the stadium earlier than their normal times as the new protocol has the potential to extend wait times to enter the stadium. Visitors will be expected to remove keys, loose coins, cell phones and other metal materials from their pockets, bags and purses that may set off the wand. Fights and other scuffles have been reported at FedEx in each of the past few seasons, but none involved any kind of metal weaponry.