Press Release: Black/Brown Owned Whiskey Company Based in Baltimore Release “Rams & Parrots” Store Sells Out in 3 Hours.

In 2016, four recently formed entrepreneurs, (three from West Baltimore) decided to unite and dive into the liquor industry. Three years later, they officially have their product debut in a store located in West Baltimore County. Within hours of Security Liquors opening, all “Rams & Parrots Whiskey” had sold out. Sixty-Five bottles to be exact had sold after the founders came to autograph bottles and conduct small sample tastings.

“Rams & Parrots” was a vision started by two childhood friends, Rodney Dotson and William Jennings III. The name partially inspired by the two’s middle school and high school’s mascots; Roland Park Middle and Baltimore Polytechnic respectively “The vision to do something great in life that will leave a legacy has always been important to us” Dotson explains. The two partnered with Reggie Jones (West Baltimore) and Jonathan Ortiz (Puerto Rico, Master Distiller) to form a new force in the liquor industry.

Owners of “Rams & Parrots” whiskey, from left to right: Jonathan Ortiz, Rodney Dotson, Reginald Jones, William Jennings III. (Courtesy Photo)

A nod to a family tradition which started in North Carolina and brought to Baltimore by Rodney’s Grandmother, the late Dorothy Dotson, (Head bartender at the famous Hilltop Inn, owned by Frazier Brice) “Rams & Parrots is a 100% Corn Whiskey. “With a sweet corn taste, it packs a punch but goes down smooth” says Ortiz.

With it’s first batch being a limited supply, the owner’s plan on gradually entering different sectors across the city of Baltimore, Maryland, and DC. By 2020, the brand intends to spread its reach to Georgia, Texas and Florida.

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