TriceEdney — My best friend left us and moved to his heavenly home a few weeks ago.  For those who knew Dick Gregory, it’s no secret that we were best friends for a very long time.  Over a year before he left us, he told me, as I am sure he told many others, that the 2016 election wasn’t going to go the way I thought it would.  It was obvious to him that I, like so many others, thought that it was a piece of cake for Hillary Clinton to win a big victory.  He kept saying, “No, it isn’t going to happen that way, and the result is going to bring about chaos.” Just as with most of his predictions, what he said would happen did happen.  What’s worse is that we’ve experienced eight months of chaos and things don’t appear as though they will get better any time soon.

Dr. E. Faye Williams

While he was with us, Mr. Gregory gave us much invaluable advice and information.  In his newest and final book,  Defining Moments in American History—Reading Between the Lies, he has bequeathed us his counsel and guidance for our future survival.  For those who value his insight, as well as those who previously paid little attention to his advice, I recommend this book as an important tool for navigating our futures.  The book is Mr. Gregory’s instruction about the need for us to be kind to each other, about the need to rid ourselves of hate and jealousy, and about serving the people.  Mirroring the strongest of his own character traits, he encourages us to be honest in all that we do and to have the courage to do all that we should do.  He also reminds us not to take “dirty money” because, if we do, the day will come when we will have to forsake the best interests of our people to pay for what we received.

So much of the chaos predicted by Mr. Gregory has been caused by #45 and the band of crooks who work for him.  What stands out is the volume of unsettling news that surfaces daily.  As Special Counsel Robert Mueller tightens the legal noose around the neck of Paul Manafort, #45’s former Campaign Chairman, one wonders when/if Manafort or other members of #45’s cabal of crooks will “come clean” and relieve the nation of the incessant anxiety of having to reconcile  what can reasonably be called TREASON.  For those who argue the severity of the word treason, I can only refer to the record of e-mails exchanged between Manafort and one of his employees candidly discussing arrangements to convene a private briefing regarding #45’s campaign for a Russian billionaire with close ties to Vladimir Putin.  Such a briefing violated the law and opened speculation that Manafort’s position was being leveraged to establish influence in the White House.

Rather than focusing national attention on the devastation and recovery from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, #45 attempts to divert and mire our attention in the ridiculous claim that President Obama and Secretary Clinton bare the blame for the continuing nuclear threat from North Korea.  Rather than affirming scientific research proving human involvement in global warming and the growing intensity and impact of major storms, #45’s administration number among the deniers.

I once read a book that spoke of a 1,000 people who made America great.  The list did not include #45, but Dick Gregory’s name was there.  I will never forget his impact.  He lived his life with honesty and character.  He lived for the betterment of humanity and never stopped encouraging us to work to end the chaos in our lives.  He fought the good fight.  He kept the faith and finished his course.

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