By Perry Green, AFRO Sports Editor 

A group of high school tennis team players in Telfair County, Ga., will be disciplined by the school superintendent after posting a “racist” photo online last week, according to news reports.

According to CBC affiliate 13WMAZ, several White players for Telfair County High School were seen in a photo wearing  white bags over their heads with the eyes cut out, mimicking the white hoods for which the KKK is notorious.

White tennis players from Telfair County High School pose in school bus with white bags over the heads in the style of Ku Klux Klan hoods after losing to Black opponents. (Courtesy Photo)

The photo, reportedly, was taken after the all-White team lost to a team from Irwin County High School, which reportedly has several Black players, during a state tournament in Rome. The shot first appeared on Snapchat, a more private/closed social media app, but later surfaced on Facebook before viewers brought it to the attention of the local news.

Telfair schools Superintendent Lenard Harrelson told 13WMAZ that he first found out about the incident on May 15 and began investigating immediately. Harrelson told the local news station that he had to limit the amount of information released until he consulted the school district attorney, but did say action will be taken against the students for their “highly offensive” photo.

“We are in the process of finishing up the investigation and disciplining those students involved,” Harrelson told WMAZ.

Telfair Principal Eric Cowart told Newsweek that the students had already been disciplined—though he would not elaborate on the nature of the penalty.

A petition has since been organized, calling for the offending students to be barred from graduation ceremonies.

Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor