Aiming to fight the climbing numbers of District residents facing HIV/AIDS, the Whitman-Walker Health Foundation will hold its 25th annual 5k AIDS Walk Washington on Oct 29.

According to Whitman-Walker, there were 16,513 people living with HIV/AIDS in the District at the end of 2008. Moreover, one in every 20 adults in the city is HIV positive.
Former President Bill Clinton, who’s been advocating the fight against the disease since his presidency, recently voiced his support of the walk.

“Since I left the Oval Office more than 10 years ago now, my foundation has been fighting HIV and AIDS around the world,” Clinton said in a statement. “Now I’m asking you to help me confront this epidemic in your city. Please help Whitman-Walker to continue to serve thousands of your neighbors and help to end the AIDS epidemic in our nation’s capital.”

Whitman-Walker Health Board Chair David Messing praised Clinton for his help and support in the fight against the epidemic.

“We are extremely honored to have the support of President Bill Clinton,” Whitman-Walker Health Board Chair David Messing said in a statement. “During his presidency, President Clinton showed tremendous leadership in addressing the AIDS epidemic, increasing federal funding for the Ryan White CARE Act and ensuring that HIV/AIDS remained a national priority. Since leaving office, he has done amazing work to fight HIV/AIDS around the world.”

The 25th annual AIDS Walk Washington will be held on Oct. 29 at Freedom Plaza. For more information or to register, visit: