By Mark F. Gray
Staff Writer

The gentrification of Northwest, Washington, D.C. continues with a new real estate development anchored by a Whole Foods supermarket on the old Walter Reed Hospital’s medical campus.

Whole Foods plans to begin new development on the old campus of Walter Reed. (Courtesy Photo)

A project featuring over 2,200 condos, townhomes and apartments accompanied by office and retail space will be known as “The Parks at Walter Reed” and is expected to begin construction early next year.   It is being described by developers as a “66-acre, dynamic mixed-use destination on one of Washington’s most unique historic sites.”  

The developers’ – Hines, Urban Atlantic and Triden Development Group – plans for construction include 130,000 square feet of retail space; 2,100 residences; office space; a Howard University medical facility and two charter schools as part of the complex.  It will be housed next to the new Children’s National research campus and the State Department’s new Foreign Mission Center.

A 12-acre Children’s National Research and Innovation Campus at Walter Reed is already under construction and will be part of the ambitious project as well.  The incubator, known as JLabs at Washington, D.C., is expected to support entrepreneurs who are working to commercialize their research efforts. It is planned to encompass 32,000 square feet and is expected to be completed next year.