Acqunetta Anderson

Eighteen candidates are now running for Mayor Muriel Bowser’s empty Ward 4 city council seat. The special election is on April 28.

Name: Acqunetta Anderson

Occupation: Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Ward 4

Party: Democrat

Why are you running? To help move the ward forward for all of its citizens. Ward 4 has not benefited from the economic boom the other wards have benefited. We have a concern in Ward 4 in regards to educating our children. We lack a world-class middle school in Ward 4, and we need to do better in educating our children. I am also concerned with the economic development in our ward, we have left small businesses out of the economic boom.

What makes you qualified? I have worked on Hill and interned with some of the members of the Senate. I have worked at the White House, which prepared me to represent the citizens of Ward 4. I am now serving my second term as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I understand what the needs are.

What are the biggest issues facing Ward 4? Education. We’ve had a tremendous amount of crime, and we’ve had job concerns in Ward 4. We’ve got citizens in Ward 4 who’ve given up looking for employment, because they have not been able to find employment. And we must do better. We must train our citizens so they would be able to apply for the jobs in our city. We have to do better in regards to transportation, we’ve got to make sure we keep affordable housing.

How do you plan to tackle these issues? I’m looking to work with the legislators and continue to work with the mayor. For seven years, we have not had a world class education, and I intend to work with Kia Henderson a world class curriculum to prepare our students. There are different ways I can attack this issue, including reaching out to the parents.

Name: Ron Austin

Age: 57

Occupation: Advisory Neighborhood Commission

Party: Democrat

Why are you running? I’d like to see some progress made in our community.

What makes you qualified? I’ve always been involved in our community working with kids in the community, working with senior citizens several city groups.

What are the biggest issues facing Ward 4? Employment, homelessness, jobs, and crime are the things that make a negative impact on our community.

How do you plan to tackle these issues? I will work close with the community, and be very visible in the community and respond back to that community. And I’ll be very active in the community.

Next week’s edition will feature more candidates running for Ward 4.