Article19 Kerry Washington-Scandal TV Series

Well into its current fifth season of corruption, politics and tantric love affairs, the creator of ABC’s hit series “Scandal” recently hinted that the show may be drawing to a close.

ABC renewed the show in March for the 2016-2017 season, but its 7.92 million viewers may be closer than they think to saying goodbye to Kerry Washington and her iconic role as political “fixer” Olivia Pope.

Creator Shonda Rhimes recently told Adweek that she does not believe “Scandal” could sustain a long run, as some of Rhimes’ other series have enjoyed.

“Scandal is a limited story, unlike the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ series that could continue for years to come,” Rhimes said. “I am not watching Olivia Pope grow up, I am watching a specific moment in time, and I feel like in order to tell the story correctly, you have to end it.”

“Scandal” stands as ABC’s third highest rated show, and boasts a loyal demographic of 18-49 year old viewers.

Washington offered no clues to the show’s future, telling Adweek that she has not spoken to Rhimes about an ending for “Scandal.”

“I trust her,” Washington said. “We are where we are because of her decision-making.”