While Color Blind questions whether we can look beyond race and judge people on their characters alone, there is actually a rare genetic disorder that makes those affected immune to racial prejudice.

Williams Syndrome is a condition characterized by symptoms such as heart abnormalities, mental retardation and lack of communal nervousness. As a result, those affected by the disorder are excessively friendly.

Children are aware of racial distinctions at an early age, however, those affected with Williams Syndrome show no apprehension to other races and are not prejudice based on skin color, unlike children who are not affected by the condition.

According to Topnews.com, a study was conducted with 20 children affected by the disorder and 20 children without it. The children were given pictures of people of mixed races and sex. The children without the syndrome showed a preference in choosing their own race, while kids affected by it showed no racial preferences.

While there is no cure for Williams Syndrome, organizations have been developed to help families cope. The Williams Syndrome Association is a non-profit organization that assists in research of the disorder while also providing the most current information to families.

Other Williams Syndrome symptoms include delayed speech, learning disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and facial abnormalities.