By Nicole Batey

The roads are looking so much better this season. I don’t know what’s made the difference but it’s working. Thank you to everyone involved,” read one Facebook comment. “Seriously, I have been so blown away by how much better snow removal has been this year. 10x more effective and thorough,” read another.

These were just some of the comments left by Baltimore City residents under Mayor Brandon M. Scott’s Facebook post on Feb. 18, regarding the city’s snow team and its progress of clearing the roads during the first major snowstorm to hit Maryland this year.

If this snow storm was a test of how well the new mayor’s weather plan could handle clearing Baltimore streets, then it was a huge success! City roads were pre-treated with a brine solution a day before the snowstorm hit. Then just as the snow was starting to come down in the wee hours of the morning, salt truck crews were out, along with snow plows, to begin clearing city streets and roadways.

Even streets that hadn’t even seen a snow plow in years were clear. One Facebook commenter wrote, “This the first year that a plow actually came through my street. I was shocked when I saw this for the first snow.” More than 60 comments were left on Mayor Scott’s aforementioned post, almost all were positive feedback about the snow removal.

I’m a Baltimore City resident myself, and I approve the city’s new weather plan! 

Nicole Batey
Baltimore City resident