By Megan Sayles, AFRO Business Writer,
Report for America Corps Member


Sisters C.Nichole and Raffinae LaJuan are on a mission to prove to women that their menstrual cycle is a strength and not something to dread or be embarrassed about. 

Because it is a strength, the pair recently launched Wombilee to offer non-toxic, chemical-free 7-layer menstrual pads that combat unhealthy wombs. The product also boasts a three-dimensional leak guard, and they are perforated and do not contain plastic, which yields extra breathability. According to C.Nichole and LaJuan, their menstrual pads are more absorbent than anything on the market. 

One thing that sets Wombilee’s menstrual pads apart from competitors is their graphene feature. Graphene helps to balance women’s pH levels, decrease uterine inflammation, ease menstrual cramps and inhibit bacteria. 

“What we noticed is there are pads out there with chemicals, dyes, fragrances and pesticides, and they don’t have a graphene strip in there,” said C.Nichole. “When you’re having that pad on, however long you keep it on, those chemicals are getting into that blood flow and that blood flow is going back into your system.” 

The sisters also want to ensure that they are including single fathers in conversations about menstrual care. Many young girls get their first period and do not have a woman in their life that they can approach with questions. 

Sisters C.Nichole and Raffinae LaJuan launched Wombilee, a menstrual pad product, in January to help women protect their wombs.

C.Nichole and LaJuan want fathers to feel more educated about feminine care so they are prepared to help their daughters take care of their menstrual health. 

Both sisters have previously founded their own nonprofit organizations, and through their philanthropic work, they have witnessed how women in foreign countries are hindered by their periods. 

“While traveling throughout Africa and the African diaspora, I was just coming into contact with women and also hearing stories about girls who had to miss out on work or miss out on school simply because they couldn’t afford pads or just because they lived in rural villages and didn’t have access to pads,” said C.Nichole. 

To address this issue, Wombilee will distribute hypoallergenic, organic cotton and perforated moderate menstrual pads to women living in Africa and Latin America. The pads will come in biodegradable boxes to account for women living in rural areas with substandard waste management systems. 

Currently, C.Nichole and LaJuan are working to get Wombilee products into retail stores, and the sisters hope to collaborate with school districts so young girls have access to their products. 

“Being women of color, especially being women of African descent, we notice things in the healthcare industry, and if we can start by taking care of our wombs at home that is the impact that we want to have,” said C. Nichole. “We also want to have an impact in helping other women entrepreneurs and also just helping to end period poverty.”

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