By Brigette White, Special to the AFRO,

The Woman Behind the Business (WBB) hosted their networking takeover at Spa Logic on July 19, in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Northwest, Washington, D.C..

The WBB is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and success of women in business across America and the world. Women Behind the Business (WBB) offers networking tips, tools and more for women entrepreneurs.

The Founder and CEO of WBB, Angel Livas, chose the spa location after meeting with owner Kathy Luu and learning about the levels of adversity that she overcame in pursuing her dreams in being a business owner.

Spa Logic Owner Kathy Luu (l) and The Woman Behind the Business CEO and Founder Angel Livas (r). (Courtesy Photos)

“I always wanted to open up my own business. I worked hard and saved up money to get here,” Luu said.

Luu talked to the intimate crowd about how she grew up in a refugee camp, and how when she came to America she was advised to open up a nail salon.

“My mom’s friend’s daughter had recently opened up a nail salon that was doing well. But, I told my mom that my dreams were different. I wanted a full service spa.”

Luu ignored the naysayers and pursued her dreams; boldly addressing those who would stand against her when the building that she wanted was about to be sold to someone else.

“I told him not to give my dream away. Please don’t sell my dream. He had given me his word and after I said that he decided to follow through with his promise to me.”

All the attendees were able to share their story and what their business is all about.

“I’ve always believed that storytelling allows you to capture the hearts of others. When business owners have a platform to be unapologetically honest… I’m positive that it will resonate with someone in the room…therfore leading to an organic connection,” said Livas.

The women in the room are purpose driven and focused on sharing their talents with the world.

“When people ask what I like to do most, hair or nails, I say thank God I have a gift,” said Luu.

Members of the audience were encouraged by Luu’s story.

“I’m always amazed to see powerful women come together to celebrate each other and share their own personal stories.  My walk away from the entire event is to just do it. Whatever that it is, stay consistent and stay prayerful,” said Sandra Sutton, CEO of JES event management group.

Angel plans to have more events like this throughout the year.

“When women leave a WBB event it’s our hope that they walk away knowing that they are not alone on their entrepreneurial journey. We exist to provide women strength, strategies and trainings for success. It’s our goal to create a community of sustainable businesses; led by women.”

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