Gospel extraordinaire Yolanda Adams, a bold and beautiful faith-filled songstress with a license to tell all according to the words of Jesus Christ, sat down with the AFRO to discuss the benefits of sacrificial leadership in Christ, and how it’s worth paying the price when you abide under the shadow of God.  The four-time Grammy, 16-time Stellar and four-time Dove award winner praises God for the understanding of sacrificial leadership and said knowing the word of God, Christian responsibility and helping others to create solutions is the way to live an elevated life.

AFRO:  What do you believe in terms of the Lord using you on a global platform?

Yolanda Adams: That is the ultimate when you know Him.  The ultimate is to be like Him, and in being like Him, you change the atmosphere wherever you go, you have a sense of purpose, you also know that where He is taking you is a place where you are needed.  That’s the whole point of leadership.

AFRO:  Why is leadership so important?

Adams:  People don’t need leadership if they are leading already.  People who need leadership are the ones who can’t find their way; they need to be guided. If you want to be like Christ, you make sure that, number one, you know the Word; number two, that you know your responsibility. Being a Christian, it is your responsibility to do good wherever you go. That’s why leadership is so important.

AFRO:  What are leaders charged to do?

Adams:  You create, because that’s what Jesus was, He was a creator and still is.  You create situations where people say, ‘Wow, I never thought about that,’ ‘Oh OK, I need to this when it comes to my business… my family … my relationship with God.’

AFRO:  You have a powerful radio show – it’s funny, and it’s delightful.  But you do sometimes offer sharp criticism, how do you feel about that?

Adams:  You have to.  Again, if we say we want to be like Jesus, we’ve got to do what Jesus did. Jesus was not happy with everybody, and He did not accept mediocrity.  He didn’t accept low living, living beneath your privilege.  Anytime anybody met Jesus they went higher.  I can’t think of anybody – and I am a Bible scholar – who met Jesus and didn’t get lifted and didn’t go higher.  It’s almost a contradiction if you don’t.

AFRO:  How can Christians ‘go higher’ and not ‘live below their privilege?’

Adams:  When we are created, we come to this world with a purpose. When we get older we learn what that purpose is all about. We learn what we are supposed to do in this earth and what we are designed for.  When you don’t do what you are supposed to do, biblically and in love, ‘Why are you living below your privilege?’

AFRO:  How much have you sacrificed for your own career in Him?

Adams:  It’s been a lot I don’t ever talk about the sacrifice because the blessings are so much bigger than the sacrifice.

AFRO:  How do you stay peaceful through the sacrifices?

Adams:  If you rest in Him, it’s not hard.  I’m not saying you don’t have trials or tests, but when you rest in the fact that it’s already done, He takes the end from the beginning, and since I am at the end (of a trial or test), it’s like ‘Why am I worried? He has me.’

AFRO:  How do we know we are on the right track in Christ?

Adams:  I think that the Lord has these little surprises for us along the way in this journey, divine things (gifts) He gives us along the way to say we are in the right track.  So did I sacrifice? Yes, I sacrificed a lot. Am I mad about the sacrifice? No, because what I gained is so much greater than the sacrifice… because He doesn’t make it feel like it was a sacrifice.

AFRO:  How can other Christians not feel the pain of the sacrifices in Christ?

Adams:  The Word tells you if you dwell in the secret place of the Most High, you abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  So what better place to be?