Gov. Larry Hogan (Courtesy Photo)

Dear Marylanders,

Last year, I vetoed a $4 billion tax hike that adds over $6,200 for every Maryland family that the legislature passed while we were focused on fighting this unprecedented global pandemic. And that’s just one of the tax hikes they passed that will crush struggling families and small businesses. 

Starting today, the legislature is attempting to override these vetoes. The last thing Marylanders need is higher taxes. It is unthinkable that our legislature would even consider doing this while so many Marylanders are struggling. I need your help in fighting back against this. Will you contact your representative and tell them NO new taxes?

Amid this horrific global pandemic, we’re fighting every day to get our economy booming again and let Marylanders keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pockets. During this time of unprecedented crisis, we need to be lifting people up—not dragging them down.

We need your help to send a message to the legislature. NO NEW TAXES. Can I count on you to help me fight back? Add your name here and contact your representatives to tell them you DO NOT want them to override my veto.

We can still stop this. But I need your help. Together, we will continue Changing Maryland For The Better.

 Rush your signature HERE.

Thank you,

Governor Hogan