On Sunday evenings my mother would go around reminding her five children to make sure all our dirty clothes were in the basement laundry area by announcing, “The colored girl is coming in the morning make sure your dirty clothes are by the washer.” Sounds

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

absolutely awful in 2015 but in 1960 it was the norm in many White suburbs. Unlike those in the South, which were depicted in The Help, we didn’t mistreat these hard working women. We learned from them. They taught us the valuable lesson that Blacks and Whites are not that different.

Those are my bona fides a middle-class White guy who thinks that while Hillary Clinton could make a good president, Bernie Sanders would make a great one. The Clintons have done a lot for the Black community. However, when Bill and Hillary were in school, Bernie Sanders was with James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, three young men who were murdered in 1964 for registering black voters in Mississippi. Those are his bone fides.

I hear from the media that Hillary has the Black vote sewn up. I’m writing to say that we can once again prove the media wrong. Compare each platform idea they put forth. Hillary’s are focus group tested to win the White House. Sen. Sanders says what he means, says what he wants for all Americans and doesn’t care who opposes his ideas. He doesn’t worry that hedge fund managers concentrated in healthcare won’t donate to him. He doesn’t want their money he wants them to go away. He wants single-payer universal healthcare for all. He doesn’t just want affordable college he wants free college.

Barry Considine

Bernie Sanders recognizes that if America is going to be a great nation we need to expand and improve public education. Including free college education advances that idea.

Sen. Sanders’ platform is one that will benefit all Americans. More importantly if his policies are enacted the benefit for the Black community is immeasurable. Sec. Clinton represents the middle-ground faction of the DNC. I don’t want the middle ground. I want the high ground.

Barry Considine is a native of Baltimore. He blogs at caseysdream.blogspot.com.