On Aug. 13 the AFRO will kick-off a series of events celebrating our 125th anniversary. Founded in 1892, the AFRO will turn 125 years-old on Aug. 13, 2017. Between now and then there will be a series of events honoring our community, supporters and our readers.

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As part of that celebration every week until the anniversary the AFRO will be printing stories from our archives, decade by decade, that showcase the AFRO’s legacy and contributions to the field of journalism. The first article is from 1899 and is a gripping, horrifying and all too common story of how a Black man was lynched. It is breathtaking in its details and gives the reader a sense of how life was lived back then.

While only one article from that edition appears in this week’s paper we invite you to visit where the entire front page can be viewed.

Upcoming events

August 13

Tribute to civic, social and religious organizations that have supported The AFRO over the years. Location: Reginald F. Lewis Museum, Baltimore, Md. For tickets call 410-554-8243

September 27

Diversity Career & Education Expo and Professional Networking Event

November 11

Journalism Symposium, Morgan State University

December 20

The AFRO’s Annual “Ms. Santa” Community Holiday Celebration

February 2017

Celebration of AFRO125 and Black History Month (featuring special events in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.)

Spring-Summer 2017

AFRO Clean Block 2017

August 12, 2017

125th Anniversary Gala

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