Article29 Balto. Cir. Ct Sitting Judges

The judges who sit on the Baltimore Circuit Court and are up for reelection on April 26 are known collectively as the Sitting Judges. Their names are: Shannon Avery, Audrey J.S. Carrion, Michael DiPietro, Wanda Keyes Heard, Karen C. Friedman, and Cynthia H. Jones.

These judges are responsible for rulings that directly affect city residents. They have been thoroughly vetted, scrutinized and evaluated by a range of professional bar associations. The AFRO interviewed the judges, and we were impressed with how their experiences on the Baltimore Circuit Court bench forged their energetic commitments to accurately and fairly apply the laws in each case to ensure the citizens of Baltimore get all of the benefits to which they are constitutionally entitled.

We were also impressed by the depth of dedication these individual judges exhibit, despite the burden of having to fairly and accurately handle an enormous number of cases in antiquated courtrooms.  

These judges deserve to be returned to the bench of the Baltimore Circuit Court. The AFRO wholeheartedly endorses the Sitting Judges of the Circuit Court and urges you to cast your vote for them on Election Day.