By Sean Yoes, Baltimore AFRO

Shaun King, the journalist and activist, published a series of tweets on Aug. 1, describing an alleged attack on his family by anonymous internet hoaxers. He posted the following regarding a disturbing visit to his home by officials from New York City’s Administration For Children’s Services (ACS):

“Under no circumstances will anybody from the NYPD or New York Children’s Services be speaking to anybody in my family,” King wrote. “I’m going to have to be in violation of New York law, but you will not force my children to participate in a single interview over a false complaint. PERIOD.”

Shaun King (right) and Rai King, his wife, are hitting out at anonymous reports of child abuse. (Twitter Photo)

Apparently, someone anonymously reported at least one of King’s five children was imperiled somehow. The harrowing incident prompted King’s wife Rai King to issue a statement today.

“Everyday my family lives with the full weight of the work that Shaun does. It is difficult, at times depressing, and due to the violent and divisive climate of our country, it is also dangerous,” wrote Rai King on Medium. “As a mother of five children, I would like nothing more than for Shaun to work a “regular” job where he was mostly anonymous. I wish he clocked in, clocked out, and used Instagram and Facebook to post kitten videos. I have come to accept, however, that speaking truth to power, aggressively seeking justice, and launching public fights in the interest of equity for all, is the calling of his life,” she added.

“What I haven’t accepted, and will never accept though, is the unnecessary toll such work has taken on our family…That someone would knowingly call in a vicious, outlandish, false report of abandonment, neglect, and abuse concerning our children is completely unconscionable!”

According to Shaun King, the family had traveled to see one of his daughters perform the lead role in a musical in New York City and 20 minutes before the start of the production King got a call from his doorman informing him of the presence of the ACS worker at his home.

“As a former teacher with the NYCDOE (New York City Department of Education), I am aware that there are too many children in this community who are in actual need of intervention,” stated Rai King. “That some white supremacist or disgruntled person would waste the city’s limited resources to randomly call in false information that severely puts my family in harm’s way, and drive workers away from their important work, truly baffles me. We live in a sick and depraved world.”

The NYC Administration For Children’s Services responded to the AFRO’s email request for comment but did not confirm or deny King’s account of events.

Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor