Aleain Williams, 80, Brooklyn, NY said she remembered meeting Dr. King make a speech at 116th Street in Harlem after the stabbing of a 26-year old civil rights activist. “Dr. King was so impressive. You could tell from the sincerity in his speech that he truly wanted to help us. He spoke like no other person would about what we were going through and what needed to be done to stop racism by peaceful means. I remember being made to sit on the back of the bus. I also remember what it felt like to sit anywhere you wanted on the bus. That was a part of the dream. Obama as president is a part of the dream. I never expected to see in my lifetime a Black president. We must keep Obama as president for a second term to continue the dream. No matter what others do to stop Obama we must persevere by peaceful means to get Obama reelected. The monument is a wonderful sight to behold. This is also a part of our dream to see a Black statue on the mall.”


Valencia Mohammed

Special to the AFRO