Saturday, March 28, 2020
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MLK Memorial Special Coverage


    Even after the successful inauguration of a two term African American President, I still believe our dreams of a world without racism and condemnation because of the color of your skin has yet to...

    Jesse Jackson and Dick Gregory

    Jesse Jackson, former DC Shadow Senator, spoke on the DC Statehood issue. “We need a full scale national movement to get the residents of DC their statehood. We brought in Alaska and Hawaii in...

    Friends from Texas and Maryland

    Qwendolyn Swinton, 81, and Dedra Arthur, 59 visited the Mall with a family friend, Sharon Duncan, 57 from Maryland. Swinton of Dallas remembers “as a young person, I worked in the Civil Rights Movement through...

    Bowen Family from West Brookville, N.Y.

    Ezekiel Bowen, 10, Daniel Bowen, 40, DeQuency Bowen, 39, Cynthia Bowen, 8, and Joshua Bowen, nine months came specifically for the commemoration from West Brookville, N.Y. “Watching the site on the news was not...

    Huff Family from Cleveland, Ohio

    Marc Huff, 35, Denise Huff, 50, Marquise, 11 and Cheyenne Jones, 10, came to see the monument from Cleveland, Ohio. Marc Huff, 35, Denise Huff, 50, Marquise, 11 and Cheyenne Jones, 10, came to see...

    Malcolm Y from Hull Mass.

    Malcolm “Y” Brown, 79, Hull, Ma. Calls himself Malcolm Y. He remembered how parts of the movement came together and bonded “just like today with people coming together for different causes, different groups had...

    Aleain WilliamsBrooklyn, NY

    Aleain Williams, 80, Brooklyn, NY said she remembered meeting Dr. King make a speech at 116th Street in Harlem after the stabbing of a 26-year old civil rights activist. “Dr. King was so impressive....

    Claudyne Jefferson, Nashville, TN

    Claudyne Jefferson, 64, Nashville, TN said looking at the monument is like envisioning accomplishing a milestone. “This tribute to the works and life of Dr. King says that we are determined to obtain our...

    Student at University of Houston

    Tyesha Hill, 25, a student at the University of Houston, traveled from Texas to be a part of the historical Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication. “I’m just happy that they are finally acknowledging Dr....

    D.C. Resident & Minister at Restoration Temple Ministries

    Sheila McNeill-Lee stood transfixed before the 30-foot statue of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. It was pouring rain. Her thoughts raced back to her childhood. The D.C. resident said she recalled her parents talking...

    Family from Virginia

    Julius C. Brown made his way to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial with his wife and 6-year-old grandson Marcel Green to pay respect to a man Brown said paid the ultimate price in...

    Lavonne Merriweather and Girlfriends

    Tradition is the reason Lavonne Merriweather and a group of her girlfriends wound up in Washington, D.C. Her desire to pay homage to a great leader is the why she ended up visiting the...

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