A North Carolina woman surrendered to the FBI in Connecticut Jan. 23 after being sought by federal and state law enforcement authorities in connection with a 23-year-old kidnapping case that unfolded recently with the reuniting of the victim with her biological parents.

The FBI, along with police in North Carolina and New York, were looking for Ann Pettway, who was on the run this weekend after raising Carlina White who is believed to have been snatched from Harlem Hospital 23 years ago as a 19-day-old newborn.

North Carolina Department of Correction spokeswoman Pam Walker told the Associated Press that Pettway had been declared a probation absconder, and ABC World News has reported that an arrest warrant has been issued for her after repeated attempts to contact her proved fruitless.

Pettway also has a record of convictions for forgery and impersonating a police officer in Connecticut.

New York authorities also want her for questioning after DNA tests recently established that she is not the biological mother of the woman who was reunited with her biological family after being abducted from a New York City hospital in 1987.

Pettway allegedly abducted White from Harlem Hospital on Aug. 4, 1987 after White’s parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson, admitted the 19-day-old overnight for treatment of a fever. Pettway then allegedly took White to live in Connecticut, where White was given the name Nejdra Nance. Pettway gave birth to a son of her own in Connecticut before eventually settling down in North Carolina.

“We just sat and talked—everything about her life,” Carlina White’s uncle, Shannon Tyson told the New York Daily News after their first meeting. “We feel very happy right now–overwhelming happiness. It’s like a miracle. I never believed this would happen–that we’d see her again.”

White began suspecting that Ann Pettway, the woman who raised her, was lying to her about being her biological mother after a valid birth certificate could not be confirmed.

She said that, through the Internet, she connected with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. By comparing White’s photo and details with files of missing children, investigators at the center found that the most likely match was that of a 19-day-old baby girl snatched from Harlem Hospital in 1987 by a woman posing as a nurse, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

“As we’ve learned of her involvement in this abduction, we’ve been working to locate her, and we haven’t been able to reach her,” Keith Acree, a spokesman for the Department of Correction in North Carolina, told the New York Post.

Some of Pettway’s family members said they were always skeptical about whether White was her biological daughter.

“People would say little things, like she didn’t look like Ann,” Ashley Pettway, Ann Pettway’s nephew, told the Daily News. “But it was never spoken out loud, just things said under the table.”

However, some people still believe in Pettway. Sonova Smith, Pettway’s neighbor, had many conversations and interactions with Pettway and told the AP she was a good woman.

“She was friendly,” Smith said. “She was kind. She loved her son. We talked about our boys often. She talked about family. So, it’s just really been surprising.”