Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the couple who allegedly crashed a White House state dinner last November, are asking for an apology from the White House.

“It would be nice if somebody apologized to us and for to call it quits,” Tareq told Radar Online. “I certainly wouldn’t treat anyone this way that comes to my house, even if there was a question about an invitation, or there was some miscommunication, I would still welcome anyone and be gracious.”

The couple entered a state dinner held for the Indian Prime Minister without invitations they claimed to have. The incident dominated national news stories for weeks and led to an investigation into the Secret Service’s handling of the event. In the end, it cost White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers her job.

The couple claims they have been receiving threats at their home and in one incident, a package containing a used condom was sent to Michaele. They’re not happy about it because they say the truth of the incident is not being made public.

“There’s lots of misinformation out there,” Tareq went on to say. “I can tell you, without a doubt, we were extended an invitation .”

Complicating matters for the Salahis, a stretch limousine that the couple was riding in earlier this month was recently stopped by Secret Service near the White House on the night President Obama was hosting Mexican President Felipe Calderon for the second state dinner of his administration.

The Salahis said they were not planning a repeat of their alleged gate crashing performance, but were instead en route to a private dinner at a nearby restaurant for a taping of the TV show “Inside Edition.”

The couple also told Radar they will be involved with the “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” a reality TV show to air on Bravo. The couple has denied reports that it was auditioning for the show when they allegedly crashed the White House dinner last November.