Johnny Gill Sings Never Could Have Made It at New Shiloh Baptist Church Aug 10 to the Rev DrHarold Carter Jr and his wife Rev Monique Carter

Johnny Gill sings “Never Could Have Made It” at New Shiloh Baptist Church to the Rev. Dr. Harold Carter Jr. and his wife, Rev. Monique Carter. (Photo by J.D. Howard)

Singer Johnny Gill, center, with Timothy Carter,left, and Daniel Carter, following their parents’ anniversary salute. (Photo by J.D. Howard)

When service ended Aug. 10 at New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore, worshippers were surprised, but not as much as the Rev. Monique Carter, who was serenaded by well known singer Johnny Gill, a treat arranged by her husband and New Shiloh pastor, the Rev. Dr. Harold A. Carter Jr., for their 30th wedding anniversary.