By ABC (Associated Black Charities)

This analysis will present data on racial differences in employment, employment growth, earnings and job turnover. Our analysis answers the question – Is African American employment concentrated in lower-paying or higher-turnover sectors of the City and regional economy?

African American employment is concentrated in lower wage industries and occupations and African American workers tended to earn less than their white counterparts and experience higher employment turnover. We identified four industries with high numbers or concentrations of African American employment: retail trade; transportation and warehousing; health care and social assistance; and administrative and support and waste management services. These four industries have lower wages than many competing sectors. Moreover, racial wage disparities generally persisted across industries and occupations, and become starker in advanced industries that also had an underrepresentation of African American employment, such as manufacturing, wholesale trade, management of companies and enterprises, and professional, scientific, and technical services. Industries with high concentrations of African American employment are mixed in terms of turnover rates; however, turnover among African American workers is higher across all industries in both the metro area and in the City.

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