By Tim Lacy. Special to the AFRO

The NCAA TOURNAMENT is a multi faceted event.  It provides us with nail biting entertainment and the opportunity to see young athletes grow from college stand outs to stars in the real world.  If you watched the tournament, you got a glimpse of stars from yesteryear. In the final four, you saw Magic Johnson formerly of Michigan State. If you follow college ball or just happen to be breathing at the time, you will remember how America anticipated the match-up between Magic and Larry Bird. If somebody in your household attempted to change the channel during that game it might have promoted a fist fight or, at the very least,a heated argument. Magic just stepped down as President of Player Personnel for the LA Lakers. If you are eating your dinner and Larry Bird’s name is mentioned on your TV, you put down your fork and listen.

AUBURN was the home of Charles Barkley “The Round Mound of Rebound”, who has turned out to be controversial and has formed a love/hate relationship with fans.  If you love him or hate him, if you listen to Charles he is right 99 percent of the time. I love his quote that will live long in the hearts of many, “I ain’t no role model!”.

Virginia players celebrate after defeating Texas Tech 85-77 in the overtime in the championship of the Final Four NCAA college basketball tournament, Monday, April 8, 2019, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

The Championship game was a face off between Virginia and Texas Tech.  Ms L stepped up as an advocate for VIRGINIA because of the ACC and she had family members attend.  I still have a bad tasted in my mouth over the play of Ralph Sampson. Ralph was the tallest player in the house which helped him dominate in the ACC, but at the Olympics the Russians treated him like he was a rag doll.  I think that was a bad memory of 1984 although the US won the gold.

Contending for the brass ring was TEXAS TECH.  Ms L was conflicted because of Patrick Mahones.  When my wife dons her “Mother of All Youngsters” outfit she can be dangerous. And, Patrick is one of her children. I tried to explain that Patrick plays football and this is about basketball, but I noticed I had no backup so I quietly walked away.  Actually I had another reason for not being a fan of Texas Tech. When Bobby Knight was at Indiana, Knight was the coach. He was abusive to his players, was caught throwing a chair onto the court during a game and on one occasion dropped his pants and mooned the press from a bus window.  This is not the guy I want teaching my kids to do anything. Indiana had enough and told him to take a hike, and almost before he could clean out his desk Texas Tech called and said “Come on Down”.

However, whomever you were rooting for, there was plenty of entertainment to keep you glued to your TV.


Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO