Recently, I devoted a portion of this space to my hatred for the Dallas Cowboys. Growing up in D.C. wearing a Cowboy’s t-shirt or ball cap could earn you a butt whippin’.

My spouse was of the same mind, and to be honest she took it a little further. She bleeds Redskins burgundy and gold, and the mention of the Cowboys would solicit an unkind comment. This has all changed. Uniform color is important, but skin color is the trump card. Since Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have been carrying the mail in Dallas, she has fallen just short of taking out adoption papers. I have to admit I have climbed on the bandwagon too.

Zeke has become a millionaire overnight, and for a 21-year-old kid, this is quite a burden to tote. After rushing for more than 1,600 yards last season, he has proven himself to be a valuable commodity. But he is starting to write checks his butt can’t cash. He is having a few brushes with the law, and owner Jerry Jones is going to turn down the volume on his stardom before he lets it damage his product. Jerry has millions of bucks invested in his team and the new stadium, and a bad apple can turn over the apple cart.

Zeke is still a kid, and kids are hard-headed. I suggest he take a look at some history. He bumped into a problem with a Texas State Trooper for speeding in excess of 100 mph. I can relate, because I have done it. But when I think back on it, my blood pressure hits the roof and I break out into a sweat. He had his brush with the law, but boys will be boys. 

I am comparing apples with oranges, but I am reminded of Plaxico Burris being the hero of the Giants in Super Bowl XLII. A short time later, he was arrested for carrying a gun in New York. New York cops and Judges are probably Giant fans, but they have a special law against the carrying of firearms called the Sullivan Act. Plax went on an all-expenses-paid vacation to the slammer.

Zeke needs to keep a low profile off the field. He already has a domestic violence case pending from his ex-girlfriend. If you are a football fan, I am sure the violence case against Ravens running back Ray Rice is fresh in your minds. Ray was sanctioned by everybody that had a voice is this matter. He thought it would all go away after the league lifted his suspension, but he hasn’t had another job in football since.

Zeke’s most recent indiscretion came with an alleged assault at the Clutch Bar in Dallas. Things are pending at the moment, but I smell trouble right here in River City. Success can only carry you so far—remember Adam “Pac Man” Jones. Jones was a shutdown corner for the Bengals who got a little excited at a bar and showered the patrons with dollar bills. While he was making it rain, the cops got involved, and although he claimed not to have thrown a punch, his hand was treated for trauma. To cap it off, he spat on the nurse trying to treat the hand. These hijinks earned him a vacation for the entire 2007 season and six games of the 2008 season.

My advice to Zeke is, “Clean up your act or spend your money wisely.”

Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO