Lately, I find myself asking that question. There are some issues deserving of our attention and others that should be left alone. 

Our illustrious president seems to be having trouble sorting out the difference. If you have been following the news, you are aware that President Trump has issues with immigration, North Korea, Puerto Rico, the Iranian deal on nukes and Obamacare. He has enough on his plate to serve up a smorgasbord. But with all of these issues facing him, he decided to take on the NFL. If you have a TV and have been awake for a couple of hours in the last few weeks, you know the deal.

To refresh your memory, during the 2016 season Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. His sole purpose was to start a dialogue over the unequal treatment of minorities by law enforcement. You ask the question, “Why is he doing this?,” and you are obligated to listen to the answer.  Hopefully this will focus your attention on the problem.

Cops are killing people of color and the punishment seems to be, “Take a few days off, and we will get back to you.”

Kaepernick’s plan seems to be, “Beat the drum long enough, and sooner or later somebody is going to hear the music.”

Donald Trump has chosen to spin this into something altogether different.  He has gone on a rant declaring that since some of the players are showing solidarity, they are disrespecting the flag, troops in uniform and first responders. He aired out a laundry list of people damaged by this peaceful protest. If you are paying attention you can see he got it wrong.

The NFL doesn’t need the attention of the commander-in-chief, as they are busy doing damage control on other issues. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has realized that the uprising of his gridiron gang means he has trouble right here in River City. He ain’t got time to sweat Kap’s problem while he is trying to right his own ship.

There are questions about the seeming blacklisting of Kaepernick by teams in the NFL. Former Titans GM Floyd Reese was quoted as saying, “Kap is not worth the circus.” It has also been pointed out that there are more than a few teams that don’t like Kap. As long as Colin Kaepernick is unemployed, this issue is not going away. It certainly doesn’t help that Trump is fanning the flames.

A pleasant distraction involves Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. In a recent press conference, a female reporter asked Newton about the routes his receivers run on set plays. Cam was very condescending, intimating that the explanation may be a little too complicated for the reporter. All I can say to Cam is, “You stepped in it, pardner!” 

After being slapped around by the press, Cam also faced a viral video in which a young girl in an Eagles jersey took him to task. She opened with, “OK Cam, pay attention, I’m only going to say this once.” She went on to diagram nine different routes, seemingly to say, “In your face!”  Then she added the coup de grace, asking Cam why he dressed like her grandma.

That small issue isn’t going to add any earth-moving difference to the Kaepernick issue, but I find it to be a pleasant distraction.


Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO