After we reached a certain age, my wife and I developed different missions. Hers is to go to the gym every day and sweat and grunt in the interest of good health and a better quality of life. My mission is to make sure the TV is working and nobody sneaks in and steals our couch. 

For quite some time my daily challenge was trying to guess what was for dinner. She finally talked me into going to the gym. Since it made sense, I didn’t put up much resistance. Her personal trainer is built like a block of granite, and my thoughts centered on the fact that this dude is going to be training me. The medics had issued some restrictions and my easy access to Smith & Wesson gave me a little comfort and I have been able to enjoy the experience. This guy has a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face as he goes about trying to relocate parts of your body.

I approach each session with a daily joke and it helps to start the day with a smile. The crew seems to look forward to my visits, and my jokes have been named the daily cup of coffee. Among the “Crew” members is Joyce. Joyce is a full-figured lady with a personality the size of Chicago and a smile that could light up the Civic Center.  Her mission in life is to help, and her motto is, “What can I do?”

In the interest of putting a smile on the faces of full-figured ladies, Joyce has put together a program to make these girls feel good about themselves and be viewed as special to others.  

Another member of the crew is Sharon. Sharon is sweet and ever ready to flash her infectious smile, but once she crosses the threshold of the gym she is down to business. Interruptions are tolerated, but don’t linger. I slide in and deliver the daily joke, and upon delivery of the punch line, I head for the locker room.

Rounding out this merry band is Donovan. Donovan had the misfortune of being on the wrong end of a horrific accident.  His injuries were a bit more severe than could be helped by a Band-Aid, but after a bit of rehab, “D” limped into the gym. His dedication to his workout will make you think he can bench-press a pickup truck. His dedication is infectious and he shares his time acting as spotter/trainer and all-around good friend to the rest of the crew.

This piece may sound like a public service announcement, and it is meant to be. I want to encourage you to get off the couch and move your body. I recommend you roll out of bed an hour earlier in the morning and hop over to the gym. There are too many distractions after work and that glass of wine is a powerful magnet.

If you can’t make it to the gym, join Joyce and her gang on Facebook at Curvy Girls Yoga where mind and body meet; visit\nappybeautylove. I guarantee you will love yourself for it, and you will realize it is all worthwhile.

Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO