(AP Photo/LM Otero)

There are unique differences between races and cultures that define us; foods, celebrations, accents, skin color, etc. Unfortunately political parties aren’t as diverse.

Minorities want equality in many platforms such as Wall Street, the Academy Awards, schools, government positions, but not political parties. Minorities, specifically African Americans, have been voting for the Democratic Party for about 60 years.

Inequality blares loudly today as it did during the 1960s, with equality groups such as the Black Lives Matter movement. These equality groups have the right intentions regarding policing, income equality, and civil rights but often blame politicians for these systemic problems.

Baltimore experienced civil unrest last April from the death of Freddie Gray while in the custody of police officers. Baltimore’s population is largely black at 63 percent. Maryland is a predominantly democratic state outnumbering republicans 2 to 1. Baltimore hasn’t had a republican mayor in almost 50 years and the city council has been primarily democrat for an exceedingly long time.

If African Americans are infuriated with politicians in Baltimore, then they are somewhat accountable because the black vote determines who leads the city that has been deemed “the greatest city in America.” African Americans reaped the seeds they sowed in Baltimore.

There are many things synonymous with being an African American, and being a democrat is one of those things. Voting republican can earn a black person names such as “Uncle Tom” or a “house nigger.”

Former president Bill Clinton won 84 percent of the black vote, even though his policing policies lead to a mass incarceration of black people. His administration jailed more blacks than any other presidency, including Ronald Reagan, probably the most hated president among black people, according to most black rappers anyway.

Stephen A. Smith, a host and reporter for ESPN, received much criticism when he said that African Americans should vote republican at least once in their lives. To elaborate on what Mr. Smith was saying, he’s disseminating that republicans don’t try to attain black votes because they know they won’t receive them, according to voting history. Democrats won’t advertise for black votes because they know they already garnered them.

In the 2008 democratic primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton they preached about reestablishing the middle class but not the lower class for the most part. Democrats may pretend to care about the black vote until they receive the black vote and then move on to other endeavors.

In Malcolm X’s speech “The Ballot or the Bullet” he spoke about the same idea calling black people who vote democratic “chumps.” Malcolm described democrats as the fox, the ones who proclaim that they’ll liberate you but don’t once you elect them to office. He personified republicans as wolves, they’ll tell you to your face they don’t like you and show you through legislation. Malcolm explained he’d rather face a wolf than a fox, surmising that it’s better to be stabbed in the heart than the back.

I’m not telling you to vote democratic or republican but I’m proposing that a government that represents its people should appeal to everyone and try to garner votes from all races. If every minority voted republican one year then republican candidates will make the effort to get minority votes once they believe they can garner minority votes. Don’t let democrats take your vote for granted.

Deion Broxton is an intern in the Baltimore office of the AFRO American. He is a recent graduate of Towson University in Baltimore, MD.